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When is the right time to hire a formal venue?

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When is the right time to hire a formal venue in Melbourne?

How would you know when to hire a venue? The first and the most important answer lies according to your situation. You may have an event coming up and you already know that you are going to celebrate the occasion. The problem is, should you hire a venue, which would cost more but has its own set of pros, or should you do a simple one at home? This article will give you the steps you need to take to see if hiring a venue is the correct fit for you. Take these few tips into consideration to give you a head start:

Starting early

Begin searching for venues or sites as soon as you know you are going to be holding a special event. You need to aim to have the location confirmed a good few months before your event is going to take place.

Calculate your budget

You need to be realistic and know your budget. Have a figure in mind that you know you can afford and take into account the type of event you are going to be staging. Ensure you have a rough idea on how many people are going to attend and what their expectations are before you set the budget.

Potential sites

You will need to develop a list of places you are considering that you have found in the community guides, gardens and reserves, internet searches etc. You can check with your local council for some tips on local places that you might consider. Start to narrow down the choices that are based on specific assessments like cost and location. No site is too weird. Some stadiums, for example, even allows for events in the stadium provided you have the budget to do so.

The location

Look for places that are close to car parking, public transport and ease of access for those who are attending.

Considering the cost

Start to collect quotes for additional charges not just for the hire amount of the venue itself. Some prices will include visual and audio equipment, refreshments, chairs, licenses/permits, on-site personnel costs and a refundable bond.

Consider the sizing

You need to take into consideration who is going to the party to decide how much space you need. You don’t want everyone crammed into a small area, but you don’t want a huge venue, and everyone is too spaced out. If you have music, then you want to allow room for people who want to dance. Some places will even have dance floors and performance areas that you can use.

Check over the facilities

Does the facilities have everything that you need, like sound systems, disability access, catering and stallholder needs, etc.?

Narrow down the choices

Decide what is more important for the event and what you can compromise on. Is the venue available on the dates that you want the event? Try and eliminate all the unsuitable sites so you can narrow down the choices instead of trying to decide with a vast range of options. We know that there are a lot of formal venues available for you in Melbourne, but with considering all your options and understanding what you want/ do not want, you will find that perfect venue.

Visit the site

Ensure that you take a physical visit to the site to get a feel for the vibe, access and facilities. Confirm what is included with the price and what restrictions come with the usage of the venue.
The best time to visit the sites is closer to the date you want to hire it for your event. This gives you an idea on the lighting situation, ambience and noise.

Choose and Book

Once you have picked out a site that you want, book it immediately. Ask for confirmation of the booking in writing with the venue and an email of the confirmation that includes the cost, inclusions, dates, unique arrangements, and if there are any restrictions.

Do a final walk-through

You and anyone else involved in the planning should do a last walk-through of the site a few weeks beforehand. Doing so will ensure everything is in order, and the others agree with the decision.

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