February 11, 2024


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What does a privacy lawyer do?

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If you aren’t prepared in regards to privacy policies and procedures, they can cost your business dearly in the form of a deteriorating company image. Common concerns can be the loss of business revenue and legal services. One of the surest and quickest ways to become privacy-compliant is to hire a privacy lawyer to ensure the job gets done correctly.

Are there benefits to hiring a privacy lawyer?

Your business will have other options available for guaranteeing privacy compliance. You can hire a privacy officer, for example. Did you know, however, that there are immediate benefits by hiring a professional privacy lawyer? These are highly skilled professionals that have specific experience in this field of law and have undertaken many years of study and research to become knowledgeable. 

Getting it done right

Hiring a privacy lawyer means that you have expertise available immediately. Sure, it will cost more, but your business will benefit significantly by having the results that show straight away. This can be in the form of reputation or monetary results. 

Developing policies and procedures

A privacy lawyer will create policies and procedures for the usage, disclosure and the management of personal information that runs coherently with the business processors. You can rest assure that your policies and procedures are being developed using the best practices possible and are backed by a professional.

Understanding the cross-border problems

Many businesses are diverse, abundant and have offices throughout the world. If your business collects information from people in Canada, it will then process that information in India. India is where the labour runs cheaper, and then the information is stored in a data warehouse in the US. When personal information crosses over borders, it becomes subject to privacy legislation. It is vital to have a private attorney to review your current situation to make sure you know the risks and responsibilities to be compliant within each area.

Access requests and complaints

What happens when you are on the receiving end of an access request? Customers know the privacy law, and they are demanding piles of records that contain personal info. The demanding applications are after particular information about how data is being collected, used, stored and even deleted. On top of that, you may have someone who is threatening a complaint with the privacy commissioner if you do not give them a satisfactory response within a month. Do you know what to do? Are you prepared to handle the privacy access requests along with complaints?

Mitigating the privacy breach

We know about the damage that was suffered by TJX corporation. TJX failed to provide proper security measures to protect everyone’s personal information that it had collected. A privacy lawyer can lessen the chances of a privacy breach which can wreak havoc on your business. If you are already suffering a privacy breach, then a privacy lawyer can help to manage the damage. 


A privacy lawyer can assess, modify and create your legal commitment. They will ensure your business is legally covered in company activities when using, collecting and disclosing personal information. Whilst business lawyers may have a general understanding of this process, privacy lawyers will have more in-depth knowledge. 

Are you looking for a privacy lawyer? 

Research the law firms in your local area and check out the different services they offer. Most firms will give you a rough quote on what their services are going to cost. Getting a quote allows you to know what you are up for before you get started. There are many services that a privacy lawyer can help with. Make sure you know what you want before making an appointment.

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