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Recycling depots in every Melbourne suburb

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There are arising movements that aim to save the earth. And because of that, you were taught of the principles behind recycling, reducing and reusing from when you were young. 

Although recycling may be traced to have been invented in the 1970s, it was believed that it existed for almost thousands of years. You are probably thinking that recycling is a modern concept. But somehow, people had been recycling since before the industrial age. Why? It wasn’t easy to manufacture certain things before. It takes time and energy to do so that reusing was embraced in a household even before recycling.

Recently, efforts had been made in emphasizing the importance of recycling. Besides the colour-coded and labelled trash bins, recycling depots were also built. There’s a stirring question though regarding the importance of having these recycling depots. What is the importance of having them in every suburb in Melbourne?

  • Accessibility

People always end up throwing their rubbish on the ground when they see no rubbish can at all. Let’s put that on a bigger scale. The recycling depots collect the rubbish from the colour-coded trash bins. It recycles the segregated rubbish considering what can be recycled and reused again. If recycling depots are present, waste products don’t need to go straight to the landfill. They can be recycled right away from the depot reducing further pile-up.

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  • Ease in Disposal

If you faithfully separate your rubbish from home, putting every paper together, plastic, etc., it still needs to be delivered to the proper landfill. Households may not have an idea of where a local one is. That’s when a recycling depot comes in handy. You don’t need to go to places like that. They can do it for you. Also, there are hard ones to dispose of such as E-waste. E-waste is anything with a cord, battery or plug. These are quite dangerous to end up in a landfill. A recycling depot will professionally and safely do the recycling for you since E-waste doesn’t belong to a landfill.

  • Connections

Recycling depots coordinate with building apartments, commercial establishments, and public utilities. You just have to cautiously segregate your rubbish. Bundle it up together accordingly, by category. They are “Paper, Cans, Plastic, and Glass”. So, when there’s a recycling depot, these wastes that you let go of are put together to create something. Metals may be recycled into jewellery and thick bottle plastics into thin ones for recycling purposes.

  • Lesser pollution.

Recycling depots help in utilizing the waste product. If there is a recycling depot in every suburb, then rubbish won’t pile up easily to form the landfill. Since it will be recycled upon collection almost immediately, it will help out in reducing landfill waste. It can be recycled then and there which helps in lessening pollution and carbon emissions. If all rubbish needs to be eliminated, more and more energy gets used up. This results in heating of the earth which would greatly contribute to climate change. If we all take responsibility for recycling waste products by coordinating with recycling depots, this may get prevented.

  • Affordability

Recycling, in general, helps the country in saving money. Did you know that a certain area in the landfill costs a lot? Yes, most countries buy space for landfills. If waste products will be reduced then the entire area would take time to get all used up. Then the money to put in landfills may be used for a cheaper way of eliminating waste products through recycling depots. After all, landfills try to recycle as much as they can too with what they collect.

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