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How to Recycle Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles?

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Porcelain and ceramic tiles add to the beauty and aesthetic of a home. In most homes, tiles are placed on the floors, shower rooms and the wall to add in beauty functionality. However, in some instances like when renovating the house, you may need to remove your already used tiles and replace them with new tiles. This leaves you with a huge pile of tiles that gives you two options; either to dump them in a dumpsite and add to the already littered environment, or recycle the tiles and use them for other purposes. From the two options above, it’s obvious that recycling used tiles is the most appropriate decision to undertake. Let’s examine why we need to recycle both the porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Why should we recycle used Tiles?

There are a lot of environmental degrading wastes present in most dumpsite; all these contribute to degrading of the environment. Therefore when adding used tiles or its debris to dumpsites, you will be adding up and building wastes in the environment. Considering recycling tiles towards depots has several benefits such as:

  • Choosing to recycle used up tiles is a sane decision that is environmentally friendly and will help divert the waste from landfills into more appropriate use.
  • When tiles are exposed in dumpsites, toxic substances are exposed to the environment such as glazes used during its production, hence one opts to recycle such toxicity is prevented from polluting the land.
  •  Constantly adding landfill wastes uses up much land which would have otherwise been used for human settlement or commercial purposes, this leads to the huge demand on the available land.
  • Increased waste in dumpsite hikes up landfill charges, therefore when one chooses to recycle such costs are cut down.
  •  Recycling tiles is essential as it can be used to help those in need of it or can be used to create more useful products like drainage materials or vases.
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Tiles Composition

There are different types of tiles used in construction, however, the more commonly used tiles are the rooftop tiles and the ceramic and porcelain tiles used in house decorations. In order to determine whether tiles can be recycled one need to know its composition. Therefore, tiles are made up of clays and passed in high heat to make hard and fragile. Ceramic tiles, for instance, are made of clay and sand, whereas porcelain tiles are made of clay but with many dense materials than ceramic tiles.

How to Recycle and Reuse Used Tiles

The first option one needs to consider when recycling tiles is to consider recycling depots near you that accept concrete and bricks for recycling. Although most recycling centres do not recycle tiles, some accept and therefore such centres should be your first stop.  In case you have a large number of tiles that are in good shape some recycling centres can purchase them for reuse or resale.

As earlier stated there are few centres that accept tiles to recycle this means that the majority of individuals are left with huge quantities of tiles with nowhere to dispose of. In such an instance, you may opt to reuse the tile personally in other home decorations, such as decorating your patio. Also, if the tile is in good shape or has never been used you may opt to donate it to a charitable organization to be reused in building. Also, you may opt to donate it to school children so that it can be used in art and craft sessions.

On the other hand, tiles collected in recycling centres are collected and crushed in high pressure then the resulting material can be used the building of drainage or the rock bases in driveways.

Tiles are mainly used for decorative purposes. However, once its use has been exhausted most individuals tend to dispose of them in dumpsite; this should not be the case since tiles can be recycled and reused as stated above.   

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