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The Best Cloud Computing Services on the Market

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If you were told that data can be stored in a cloud a decade ago, would you have believed it? Probably not. Many people may think that the cloud is new, but cloud storage has actually been around since 2006. And cloud computing? It’s not something new either. Having data available for people to access at any time from anywhere was made possible by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in 1968 in which the whole concept was invented.

Technically, your data – videos, images, everything that you download or upload, everything you’ve ever saved, documents, screenshots and PDF files – aren’t put in an “actual” cloud. They are stored on external servers, by business IT support companies. 

Overall, cloud computing makes it easier for businesses to “go green”, by adopting cloud computing services that can handle anything and everything that has to do with IT. Meaning, that there’s no need to rely on paper as much. Examples of which may be: data storage, entrepreneurial communication and accounting. While these involve loads and loads of data such as identification of the workers, content regarding the business, and accuracy of data, it needs protection and back-up. 

Whether you are a business owner or a friend, it’s good to familiarise yourself with the best cloud computing services on the market. These services can help you store and manage your data as efficiently as possible.

  • Amazon Web Service

When Amazon released its Elastic Compute Cloud Product in 2006, cloud computing had been established to be serving as a great catalyst for businesses in acquiring more efficient ways of handling their data. Being a pioneer in providing data storage, computing services and databases complete with backup solutions and accounts privacy, there’s no way but up for this product. With its services mainly categorized into cloud services and cloud solutions, one may easily say Amazon Web Service is one of the best ones out there. On top of the above-mentioned, they also provide for extensive data analytics, artificial intelligence, and detailed architecture of its cloud solutions. It follows a pay-as-you-go model which somehow makes it affordable for any start-up to acquire and for any established business to consider. This could be a good partner for the long haul. Talking about what they could offer; there are 175 fully-featured services available for a wide range of industries, technologies, and used cases.

  • Microsoft

One of the biggest names in cloud computing is Microsoft, mostly because of the three very impressively organized segments they have introduced to the market. These three segments were the:

  1. Intelligent Cloud includes the Windows Server OS, Azure, and SQL Server.
  2. Personal Computing where XBOX comes in, search platform Bing, Windows Client, and Surface.
  3. Business Processes corresponding to the most used writing interface, Microsoft Office and Dynamics.

Bill Gates was so good (remember he and Melinda started a foundation!) that after building its services and after putting every brilliant intelligent idea he thought of into life, it just built a culture on its own with followers, users, and everything else in between. And many are still using it until today.

  • SAP – This German multinational software corporation recently expanded into cloud computing from standard application software for real-time data processing. Its performance and reputation had run for decades and remained unstained under CEO Bill McDermott. He made sure connections and strong partnerships with Google and Amazon are maintained to keep it on the road of becoming a world-class leader in cloud computing and enterprise applications. Their acquisitions are strategic and they choose not to limit themselves by innovating continuously. Tying up well with Microsoft and IBM was the ultimate goal and it had achieved the trust from the consumers. Its in-memory technology called HANA, which is available on a global scale, has been used by many businesses as it continues to rationalize its largest product portfolio in the cloud. That being said, SAP may have an advantage worldwide.
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