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How to promote your construction company

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Construction marketing involves building both online and offline relationships. Finding your construction clients isn’t easy and you need to maintain a solid network of clients from the past that you can get referrals from. You can source clients with the use of ads that are targeted to the particular industry associations.

Here are some ways to promote your construction company:

Join an industry association

A good way to get traction among your marketing efforts is to join up with an industry association. There are various hubs that can offer great resources and quality connections that can help to bring your business success. This works in construction because most marketing efforts go towards building lasting relationships and reputation. Whether you are selling slab scissors or tower cranes, this will help in your marketing efforts. 

Managing your social media properly

Social media marketing is so important. But are you using the platforms to their full potential? Using something like Hibu will allow you to save time and have a good social media presence by scheduling your posts and curating great content for posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Your page performance will also be monitored.

Follow up with leads

This is simple but is often overlooked as a way of marketing your business. You just need to be following up with existing customers and leads. Contractors are busy just trying to stay afloat and things can end up falling through the cracks. If you are not keeping up with leads, then you may be missing out on good opportunities. Ensure you are following up with customers once it has been a few months since completing the job. Crane hire companies are an example of an industry that relies on repeat customers. As they are service-based, customer satisfaction is essential to retain business relationships. 

You will find that customers will be impressed that you checked in to see if everything was ok. Did you know it can actually lead to more work? A positive customer relationship management tool that has been designed for small construction companies can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. In this way, you can always offer a great service to your customers.

Email marketing software

Email can be a non-intrusive way of providing useful information to potential customers and those who are already customers. If you work to build a strong relationship you can then become someone’s ‘go-to’ construction professional. 

Ensure you are reaching out with good email marketing with providers like Sendx. This gives you affordable email marketing software that comes with the right tools to start an email newsletter, pop-ups, forms and other email automation.

Give back to charity

Find a local charity where you can apply your own construction skills. Get your crew working on the latest project that is going on in the local area. Volunteering will certainly get you noticed. Reach out to newspapers and social media and tell the locals exactly what you are doing. Then, let them tell the community all about how your construction company is giving back to the community.

Later on, you can run a press release as stories such as this can be picked up by many known channels like NBC and ABC. This will help to bring traffic and links back to your site which will help your website rank higher for the building-related keywords. In the local area, you may land more contracts as a result.

There are plenty of ways to promote your construction company but focusing on more than one method will bring you more success in the end.

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